Dr. ColourChip is the exclusive licensee / distributor of Dr. ColorChip USA products across Europe Dr. ColourChip is the exclusive licensee & distributor of Dr. ColorChip USA products across Europe.

Dr ColourChip Launches Cost Effective Commercial Packages for Motor Trade

There is a new opportunity for British businesses this week with the launch of commercial packages from leading DIY automotive paint chip repair system, Dr ColourChip. The exclusive formula is celebrated as the pedigree of US paint chip solutions and is used by over 300 dealerships across America. As a tried and tested US product, it is a premium paint chip solution that doesn’t compromise on quality!

Commercial packages start with a selection of 30 colours which would cover an estimated 70% of serviced vehicles, with the rest being able to be blended using your system colours. Should any unusually coloured cars needs repairing, business owners can simply place an order for a custom factory blend. We offer system sizes of 30, 50, 80 & 160 colours!

The all new commercial packages are ideal for an array of car oriented businesses. For mechanics, panel beaters and detailers, the packages represent a fantastic opportunity to improve an existing in-house service. The competitive pricing scheme also offers companies the chance to carry out a paint chip repair service at a significantly lower cost.

Car wash operators, mobile valets and mobile technicians can also benefit from the new commercial packages in the form of additional profit opportunities. With just a few clicks of the mouse, managers can place an order for a commercial package and instantly add paint chip repair to a current services menu. The three step application process is surprisingly easy and does not require any specialist skills or training.

Dr ColourChip commercial packages are also ideal for car dealerships and auctioneers. Rather than slash second hand resale prices due to chips and scratches, car dealers can use Dr ColourChip to carry out a fast and effective DIY repair job. This will not only maximise profits but will also help to increase inventory turnover and build a reputation as a dealership that trades vehicles in tip-top condition. For auctioneers, an in-house Dr ColourChip system represents a higher quality reconditioning process as well as increased resale prices, particularly on fleet vehicles.

As well as existing businesses, Dr ColourChip is also a lucrative opportunity for individuals on the search for a new income source. Thanks to yearly MOT requirements, British cars have a global reputation for being well maintained. As such, most car owners are immediately conscious of road rash symptoms. This positions a Dr ColourChip profitable start-up opportunity with a confirmed base of potential customers. With no large franchise fees and an established global reputation, any business flaunting the Dr ColourChip name is destined for success.

Dr ColourChip commercial systems start from £999 + VAT.

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