XPERT60 Universal Cleaner

Truly Universal Cleaner! Safely cleans almost any surface; paint, plastic, vinyl, fabric, metal, rubber etc. Ideal cleaner when water is not available, efficiently and quickly removes dirt and grime. Highly active formula will even remove stubborn dried-on insect deposits from paint, trim and glass.


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The technology behind XPERT-60

Professional technology – everyday use: That’s the Xpert-60 strapline, and it’s not just a throw away. Concept Chemicals, the name behind the brand is recognised as one of Europe’s leading creators and manufacturers of high quality cleaning and appearance enhancing products for the professional user. Combining Concept product technologies in smaller pack sizes, Xpert-60 is the Brand for the professional, semi-professional and enthusiast. Concept launched the Xpert-60 detailing brand to enable us to offer our cleaning, detailing and coatings technologies to a wider market of both professionals and enthusiasts who are passionate about achieving the maximum quality of finish on their vehicles.

An enviable history

Founded in 1987 by a team dedicated to the pursuit of excellence, Concept’s unique position in the global market is built upon the delivery of innovative, high quality product solutions for cleaning, re-conditioning and detailing operations across the automotive, transport, marine and industrial markets.
  • World-class performance & quality
  • Market leading cost-in-use economy
  • Versatility and durability
  • Speed and ease of use
  • Solutions, not just products

Worldwide Exposure

Operating in over 60 countries worldwide, Concept is ideally placed to work with customers to keep abreast of market changes and share best practice. Concept prides itself on being at the forefront of delivering innovative technologies and products in the automotive, marine and transport aftermarket. A continuous product development programme is constantly searching for new solutions to ensure our brand users get the very best performance from our products… products that work successfully across a range of market, environment and climatic conditions.

Thoroughly engineered for excellence

With its own labs, testing facilities and even a training school, Concepts products (and therefore the Xpert-60 range) are created to fulfil needs and solve problems. Used on everything from humble bicycles, to multi-million pound mega-yachts and aircraft as well as cars, buses and trucks of all varieties. The experience gained in surface and materials technology has been invaluable in providing products that work.
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Please note: We cannot ship to the USA, Canada, Australia, Russia and the UAE.

We guarantee our paint will match the original OEM factory colour chip. Our paints are mixed by hand one at a time, and while we’re pretty good, we can occasionally screw up an order. If it’s our fault, we’ll do our best to correct it and send you another bottle at no charge. If we can’t get it right, we’ll refund your purchase price upon return of the kit – guaranteed.

In the event you test the paint and determine it is not a good match, we will try to work with you to solve the problem. Please contact us and describe the discrepancy.


Our searchable database is meant to be used as a guide to help our customers determine their colour. The colour chips displayed are computer generated and often do not closely resemble the actual colour. Because of this, to ensure that you receive the correct colour, you must confirm the colour code from your vehicle.

Use our OEM code matching database to look up your colour. If you can’t find your car/code in our database, please refer to our FIND YOUR CODE page. Once you have been able to locate the code for your car, please use this information when placing your order on our website. In most cases, if we have your colour code, even if it is not found in our database, we can provide you with the colour.

We try to provide as much information as possible on our website to help our customers decide if our product is the right choice for the repairs they are looking to make. Please review our FAQ page to better understand if our system is the best option for your particular needs. We are reasonable and do listen to our customers and retain the right at our discretion to accept returns and issue refunds. Please contact us for more information.


We provide a custom product. Each order is processed individually as it is received for that particular customer. We cannot resell old paint and therefore we do not allow for returns or refunds for any of the following reasons:

  • You have changed your mind and no longer want the kit.
  • You sold the car.
  • You decided to take the car in to have it professionally repaired.
  • You couldn’t get the repairs made to your satisfaction.

While we do guarantee the colour match of your paint if we have a sample to match to, we can’t guarantee that it will repair all types of damage to each individual’s satisfaction. We do know that we offer the best product for paint chip repair, and if used properly for this type of damage it will produce excellent results