Dr. ColourChip is the exclusive licensee / distributor of Dr. ColorChip USA products across Europe Dr. ColourChip is the exclusive licensee & distributor of Dr. ColorChip USA products across Europe.

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    Dr Colourchip Commercial Systems

    Having proven itself for the last decade in the USA, Dr ColourChip has finally hit UK & European shores!

    For the past 10 years Dr ColourChip has been at the forefront of paint chip repair & has become one of the leading product in the States.

    Now it's available in the UK & Europe, we want to present an exciting paint chip opportunity to you. Using our amazing advanced technology paint, we have put together a number of commercial repair systems that will allow the user to ‘hit the ground running’ - creating profit opportunities immediately!

    The real beauty of our product is that the paint remains in the chip. Using our special formulated solution, you can wipe away the excess paint without dragging it out of the chip.

    Dr ColourChip presents an extremely cost effective solution to paint chip repair. In addition, it also allows a professional result for the consumer looking for a cheaper alternative to a respray. Customers that you otherwise might miss out on!

    The product truly does work – but here comes the exciting part!

    We are looking for dynamic people who can access the motor trade & sell Dr ColourChip systems.

    We’re not asking you to give up your job or focus 100% solely on our product. But if you feel you have some spare time to allocate to Dr ColourChip or you already access Motor Trade customers that would benefit from the system – then why not add us to your product offering?

    Dealerships, used car sales, bodyshops, auctions, valeters, wheel refurbishers, hand car washes, etc would all be perfect for our product. If you can access these types of customers and display the value in our systems, then we would love to chat!

    The opportunity is commission based, so there’s no upfront cost from you for stock etc. Alternatively if you want to hold stock you can enjoy better earnings – but that’s up to you.

    If you feel you can get involved in the early stages of this new & exciting product and are keen to add incremental profit to your current business, then why not get in touch? Alternatively, if you are looking for a new business opportunity - then Dr ColourChip could be for you!

    Email [email protected] to find out more!

  • Dr ColourChip Launches Cost Effective Commercial Packages for Motor Trade

    There is a new opportunity for British businesses this week with the launch of commercial packages from leading DIY automotive paint chip repair system, Dr ColourChip. The exclusive formula is celebrated as the pedigree of US paint chip solutions and is used by over 300 dealerships across America. As a tried and tested US product, it is a premium paint chip solution that doesn’t compromise on quality!

    Commercial packages start with a selection of 30 colours which would cover an estimated 70% of serviced vehicles, with the rest being able to be blended using your system colours. Should any unusually coloured cars needs repairing, business owners can simply place an order for a custom factory blend. We offer system sizes of 30, 50, 80 & 160 colours! Continue reading

  • Fix Your Paint Job Woes with Dr ColourChip’s Revolutionary Formula


    As a community of car enthusiasts, it’s safe to say we all cringe at the thought of unsightly paint chips on an otherwise pristine vehicle. Whether your 4WD has fallen victim to a shower of country road gravel or you’ve chipped you zippy hatchback in an inner city catastrophe, ‘road rash’ symptoms are a woe felt by car owners across the nation. If you’ve ever tried to revamp your ride with off the shelf touch-up products, the chances are that you turned your car’s road rash into a fully-fledged case of automotive measles.  At this stage, the only solution is to succumb to a costly trip to the paint shop… Not anymore!

    Dr ColourChip is putting an end to paint chip disasters with the announcement that it has secured UK distribution rights to an advanced formula that has been specially developed to breathe new life into lacklustre paint jobs. The innovative method has been a staple in the garages of US car owners since its launch in 2001.

    Using a unique plasma formula, the next generation US made paint blends premium quality automotive tints with cutting edge quick dry chemicals that blend away any excess paint in just minutes. Unlike other paint chip products on the market, this process ensures that Dr ColourChip stays in the chip. The result is a smooth, streamlined and shiny finish that will have your car looking brand spanking new in just minutes.

    The three step repair process has been acclaimed by individual car owners and commercial body shops alike. A custom mix colour match process is used to create a professional ‘like new’ finish while the ‘dab, smear and blend’ application makes the entire touch up process effortlessly easy. Whether you drive an off white Alfa Romeo, cherry red Mitsubishi or a khaki green Land Rover, the easy to use Dr ColourChip paint code finder will help you locate the perfect match!

    As well as delivering flawless paint job touch ups, Dr ColourChip has also been designed to actively protect vehicles against rust, fading and other forms of long term damage. This means that as well as touching up existing damage, you’ll also be investing in keeping your prized motor looking newer for longer!

    While American car owners have been enjoying access to the formula for over a decade, UK consumers have always faced the burden of pricey shipping costs, extended delivery wait times and duty tax/VAT upon import. The newly confirmed UK distribution rights waive these nationwide issues and are set to help British car owners keep vehicles looking their best.

    If you’re wondering how much Dr ColourChip costs, rest assured that the innovative formula won’t break the bank! Repair kits come in four different sizes, starting at just £29.99 for a Basic Repair Kit.

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