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Dr Colourchip is the world’s best selling touch up paint used by millions to fix those annoying road rash chips or supermarket scrapes.Miles cheaper than the body shop.

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Suitcase Kit

Already in the motor trade?

Dr ColourChip is an unbeatable opportunity to increase your profits.

Dr. ColourChip Commercial Systems

  • Professionally repair paint chips in a fraction of the time
  • An easy to follow 3-step process
  • Unique formulation of high-quality automotive tints and chemicals allow user to blend away all excess paint in just minutes

Stone chip repairs can be difficult to repair. With bodyshops having to use water-based paint, then following it with an application of clear coat, not only is it expensive, it takes more time too, requiring mechanical drying! Even after this, the area must be de-nibbed and polished! Dr.ColourChip is the perfect solution – not only is far cheaper, any repairs can be dealt with in-house in a matter of minutes!

Increase Your Profits

The all new commercial packages are ideal for an array of car oriented businesses. For mechanics, panel beaters and detailers, the packages represent a fantastic opportunity to improve an existing in-house service.

Car wash operators, mobile valets and mobile technicians can also benefit from the new commercial packages in the form of additional profit opportunities. The three step application process is surprisingly easy and does not require any specialist skills or training.

Dr. ColourChip commercial packages are also ideal for car dealerships and auctioneers. Rather than slash second hand resale prices due to chips and scratches, car dealers can use Dr. ColourChip to carry out a fast and effective DIY repair job. This will not only maximise profits but will also help to increase inventory turnover and build a reputation as a dealership that trades vehicles in tip-top condition. For auctioneers, an in-house Dr. ColourChip system represents a higher quality reconditioning process as well as increased resale prices, particularly on fleet vehicles.

Simple & Easy

This three-step paint chip repair process is the easiest and most effective way to touch-up minor automotive paint chips and road rash. Before beginning the process, it’s recommended that you assess the vehicle inspecting the bonnet, bumper, wing mirrors and door areas to determine the full extent of the damage. This should also include cleaning the vehicle to help distinguish between dirt spots and actual stone chips.


After choosing the colour to match the vehicle the next step is to dab the paint on with a brush. It’s important to dab the paint next to the chip, rather than on the chip in preparation for the next step. Ensure you apply enough paint to cover the area of the chip.


It is then lightly smeared with your thumb to smooth the paint flat and flush across the chip. It may be reapplied as needed until it appears to adequately cover the chip. If smeared properly, the paint will be dry to the touch within a minute. For road rash, the paint may be applied to a T-shirt rag, then smeared across the panel to quickly address hundreds of tiny chips at once.


The excess paint is then removed using our blending solution. The solution is applied to a soft, folded T-shirt rag and lightly rubbed over the excess paint. The paint will begin blending away after a few passes with the cloth. A soft terry cloth or microfiber towel is then used to buff off the residual solution to an amazing shine. This process may be done within 2 minutes to 2 hours after applying the paint. Although the paint is dry to the touch, it will still take about a week to fully cure. However, it may be immediately exposed to water without coming out of the chips.