Having proven itself for the last decade in the USA, Dr. ColourChip has finally hit UK & European shores!

For the past 10 years Dr. ColourChip has been at the forefront of paint chip repair & has become one of the leading product in the States.

Now it’s available in the UK & Europe, we want to present an exciting paint chip opportunity to you. Using our amazing advanced technology paint, we have put together a number of commercial repair systems that will allow the user to ‘hit the ground running’ – creating profit opportunities immediately!

The real beauty of our product is that the paint remains in the chip. Using our special formulated solution, you can wipe away the excess paint without dragging it out of the chip.

Dr. ColourChip presents an extremely cost effective solution to paint chip repair. In addition, it also allows a professional result for the consumer looking for a cheaper alternative to a respray. Customers that you otherwise might miss out on!

The product truly does work – but here comes the exciting part!

We are looking for dynamic people who can access the motor trade & sell Dr. ColourChip systems.

We’re not asking you to give up your job or focus 100% solely on our product. But if you feel you have some spare time to allocate to Dr. ColourChip or you already access Motor Trade customers that would benefit from the system – then why not add us to your product offering?

Dealerships, used car sales, bodyshops, auctions, valeters, wheel refurbishera, hand car washes, etc would all be perfect for our product. If you can access these types of customers and display the value in our systems, then we would love to chat!

The opportunity is commission based, so there’s no upfront cost from you for stock etc. Alternatively if you want to hold stock you can enjoy better earnings – but that’s up to you.

If you feel you can get involved in the early stages of this new & exciting product and are keen to add incremental profit to your current business, then why not get in touch? Alternatively, if you are looking for a new business opportunity – then Dr. ColourChip could be for you!