Firstly, What are Stone Chips?

Stone chips are the enemy of detailers and drivers everywhere. As your driving along, stones, grit & salt is catapulted towards your car. You’ll know what I mean when you hear it. That thump every once in a while. Chances are, that’s a stone hitting your lovely, ex-lovely* paint work.

Although more common in Winter, chips will happen all year, especially those who drive on motorways more. However, with Winter, water & ice will get into the chip and affect the metal underneath, which is why it is so important to repair any chips as soon as possible.

Here are my top tips for removing scratches & stone chips from your car!

Removing stone chips & scratches from your car is easier than expected! Here is my Step-by-Step instructions using the Dr.ColourChip Squirt & Squeegee Kit:

1 – Clean the area properly. We recommend using our Dr.ColourChip Prep. It will remove any grease, wax & silicone that may be sitting on your paint.

2 – Give your Dr.ColourChip paint a good shake, and dab a small amount of paint next to the chip. If you have multiple chips, you can address them at the same time.

3 – Take your bevelled squeegee, and gently smear the paint over the chip. Leave to dry for a few minutes (This is dependant on conditions, we recommend applying it on a cold/cool surface).

4 – Once dry to the touch, apply a small amount of Sealact to your wiping cloth & gently blend it across the repaired area. Do not apply pressure as this will take the paint out of the chip. Just gently blend it over and around the repaired area.

Now you may be thinking – Thats great! But what about when I get more chips? Our paint is designed to cover hundreds of chips over a cars lifetime, with our paint lasting approximately 12 months & our Sealact about 3 years.