Summer is here! Well, maybe for a few! The past few weeks have been rather forgetful here in the UK – with flooding, grey clouds and rain every day!

However, even though the weather has been shocking – it’s not an excuse to not care for your car.

Caring for your cARE

First & foremost, I would cover up any stone chips or scratches that you may have – even if it is dry where you are based! As the wet rain & air gets on to the chip it’ll wear away at the exposed metalwork – & once rust has settled in, it’s a pain to remove it and may make repairs almost impossible! Even once it’s covered up, we would recommend additional treatment to seal off the repair.

Something like our Xpert-60 Liquid Shield is the perfect post-repair cover – it’s a multi-surface protective sealant that works on either metal, plastic trim, wheels and glass will cover the repaired area with a hydrophobic formula, preventing any build up of dirt and grime!

If you wish to go one step further, you should try out Premium Long-Life Wax Sealant! A luxurious polish with natural protection using the highest-quality pure carnauba wax to deliver a deep gloss showroom finish. The wax film enhances the paint works durability and will withstand up to 50% more washing cycles compared to its competitors!

Finally, keep the dust off her! Once the clear coat is damaged, dirt and moisture will seep underneath and the remaining clear coat will be removed. Once gone, there is nothing protecting your perfect paint! Even a little thing as a careless person brushing against your car can cause deep scratches!

So there you have it, a simple effective way to cover up any repairs and care for your car this summer!