Cars today are more expensive than ever. Many cost more than the average UK Wage. Over 85% of new cars bought today in the UK are on a finance package.

So, if we are going to invest that much towards getting from A to B, not including insurance and road tax, it’s worth keeping them in the best condition possible.

With Winter fully in motion now, stone chips and rust are as prevalent as ever, with inclement weather, grit, salt & freezing temperatures, our cars take a battering during this period. If you notice rust on your car, you will want to have it removed as soon as possible.

Once rust begins to appear, it only gets worse unless treated. It doesn’t just stop, the area will grow, especially over the next few months. However, it can be treated and better yet, prevented.

As gritters begin to appear on our roads in an effort to melt snow and ice, the salt and grit left behind is a nightmare for our cars. If salt gets into any damaged areas of your car, it can corrode away and eat at the paint.

How to prevent rust

Preventing car rust is pretty simple – it takes a few minutes and doesn’t cost much!

Wash your Car Regularly

The biggest cause of rust is corrosive elements being left on your car, such as salt. Washing your car once a week will prevent the car from being suffering from corrosion. Using a high-quality shampoo such as our Wash & Wax will provide the best results.

Give your car a little extra protection

Using a product like our Liquid Shield will give your car that extra layer of protection! Its Hydrophobic formula repels water and dirt build-up, not only making it easier to clean but gives your car better durability against the elements.

Thinking about leaving them uncovered? By the time you get round to it in spring, they’ll have rusted. Too late! Not only does Dr.ColourChip’s advanced paint formula remove those unsightly chips & marks, but it also prevents long-term expensive repair damage.