Love it or hate it. Winter is coming. Those sunny drives with the window down and the radio on are gone for now. Whacking on the heater, grabbing the de-icer and waiting for the windscreen to defrost is becoming a norm.

But! There is still time to get your car winter-ready this year. Here’s our handy guide to preparing for the cold!

Check your Tyres! (Before it begins to snow!)

Snowy Car

It’s not just snow that causes accidents in winter, wet and cold road surfaces can be equally as troublesome. If your tyre tread is looking low, or there’s obvious damage; get yourself a new set of types. Or at least, replace the tyres with poor tread.

There aren’t many worse times to have a flat time, it’s dark, cold and wet, the last thing you need it to have to carry out repairs. Make sure you have and know how to use your spare wheel in case of an emergency! It is equally important to have roadside assistance for those jobs you can’t complete!

Do you drive an older vehicle?

Make sure that the battery is fully charger before winter, and if it’s old, maybe consider purchasing a new one. They are relatively cheap and can be installed pretty quickly!

Top up your screen wash!

Depending on where you keep your car overnight and whereabouts you live, your needs will vary. I would recommend opting for a screen wash that will work at lower temperatures. In the UK, I would recommend getting a screen wash that can cope with the lowest temperature you can find. However, weather dependent, you can always dilute it if the weather isn’t as cold as expected.

Cover up those chips & road rash marks!

Thinking about leaving them uncovered? By the time you get round to it in spring, they’ll have rusted. Too late! Not only does Dr.ColourChip’s advanced paint formula remove those unsightly chips & marks, but it also prevents long-term expensive repair damage.

Taking off the top

Eventually, you’ll come down one morning and your car will be covered. Don’t go mad with the scraper! Take a soft brush to take off the snow first! When taking off any ice, let the de-icer do its job! Hard plastic scrapers can scratch paint and glass and cause more damage.

One last thing…

Before you venture out in the Winter, make sure your vehicle has a few of these useful items in the boot! Pick up yourself an Ice Scraper & De-Icer. Stock your car with a torch, snow shovel, jump leads, a warm coat & footwear! Make sure you have your warning sign on you in case of an emergency…and don’t forget those sunglasses for the sunny moments!

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