Getting a new car is simple with a few tips of the trade!

So, you’ve decided its time to buy a new car – next, you want to know you’re getting a good deal. Often dealerships are easy to negotiate with on the price, but did you know that the time of your negotiation can play just as big a part to the sale when looking to buy a new car?

Throughout the year, you can always find the odd bargain, but usually in March & September, after the new number plate formats, people tend to part exchange for a new car.

Now, this is why August truly is the best time of the year to get yourself a new set of wheels! In the run-up to September & March, dealers are looking to clear out old stock just in time for the new wave of car-hungry shoppers & if your willing to shop around, you can grab yourself a brilliant bargain!

Getting a new car is easy!

Again, as it gets closer to the new number plate formats, dealerships go quiet – making you a moving goldmine straight on your way to their monthly targets.

Unsurprisingly, you can also grab a bargain by shopping out-of-season so to speak. Shopping for a convertible? Shop in the Winter – nobody else is! Likewise, after a 4×4 for this Winter? Get one in the Summer!

It’s always worth keeping your eye out for new model releases – if a manufacturer is bringing out a new updated model – wait until it’s released and get the ‘old’ one!

Finally – some dealerships have seasonal offers – whether it’s Christmas, New Year, Black Friday or Bank Holidays. It’s always worth a quick look!

Now – here’s a quick tip! If you are looking to trade yours in – make sure it’s clean & presentable! Nobody is going to offer you the price you want – no matter how good the car is, if it’s dirty! Take a look at our Xpert-60 Detailing range for a whole host of products to help!