Discover The Secret To Reversing Adverse Effects, Post-Snow-Season!

The UK may be renowned for its grim wet weather the majority of the time, but who knew we were set to experience freezing temperatures and blankets of heavy snow across the nation, causing major travel disruptions, when Spring is supposedly around the corner!


While the worst is now over [we hope] and the snow begins to melt, you may begin to realise that the difficulties aren’t yet over for your prized motor…

Why? Because throughout the bad weather, road surfaces will have been secretly causing external damage to your vehicles paintwork, following the vast amounts of salt and grit that is used to help clear the roads for us drivers.

Whilst this was useful for increasing traction for car tyres to make our journeys safer, the paintwork is likely to be significantly harmed, causing chips and scratches that could act as a catalyst for rust if any remaining salt residue reacts with the metal.

Sound familiar? You may be starting to notice these issues, worrying it’s going to cost hundreds to get the paint chips and scratches out at a garage, or even thousands for a complete car respray following the salt corrosion! Wrong.

With Dr. ColourChip, we can eliminate these fears by providing an affordable and super simple to use DIY paint chip repair system, guaranteed to be the most effective way to touch up any minor car paint chips and road rash.

Dr ColourChip’s paint chip repair keeps your car looking like new and protects it from rust and other long-term damage. You’ll get professional results and a guaranteed exact 100% OEM match to your car’s finish.

We recommend drivers take these 2 simple steps to protect your car during this cold spell and give it the TLC it deserves…

1. Give your car a good all-round wash, especially underneath around wheels arches to help give the paintwork extra protection. Use XPERT-60 Wash & Wash luxury shampoo, which cleans and preserves paintwork shine in one simple action. It quickly removes road dirt and traffic film to leave paintwork surface clean, bright and glossy, with a neutral pH to maintain and protect the integrity of paintwork wax.

2. Make the sensible and affordable investment into purchasing Dr. ColourChip’s Squirt ‘N Squeegee Kit and follow the 3 step process; dab, smear, remove. Using a unique plasma formula “next generation” paint, Dr Colour Chip blends premium quality automotive tints with cutting edge quick dry chemicals that blend away any excess paint in just minutes. Unlike other paint chip products, this process ensures that Dr Colour Chip stays in the chip. The result is a smooth and shiny finish that will have your car looking brand new in just minutes!

You can find out more about how Dr.ColourChip works here.