Car paint codes? ‘It’s erm, erm, blue?’. For most people, knowing their car isn’t important, until it needs fixing.

So, it’s important to know your code when you come to paint your car. Just getting ‘blue’ won’t cut it. Take a modern Fiesta, there are 11 types of blue. That’s where Dr.ColourChip come in. We can match any colour paint to any car, 100% guaranteed to match the OEM shade. #AnyCarAnyColour

But don’t fret!
Finding your colour code is so simple – and it only takes 30 seconds!

Check your car! It’ll be on their somewhere. Although it varies from a manufacturer, typically it will be a short code, consisting of either digits/letters, for example, 494, B58 etc. Check out this image for common places the codes could be!

Still can’t find it? Check out our guide for a few places it could be! If you can’t find it – give your manufacturer a call (numbers are on the guide!). All you will need is your VIN (Vehicle Identification Number), every car has a specific code of which you manufacturer will have a record of.

It will be a 17 character code, made from digits and letters. Give them a call, ask for the service department, quote your number and they should be able to give you your car paint code.

Once you have your car paint code, you’re ready to purchase Dr.ColourChip’s paint repair kits! Offering a 100% guaranteed match to the OEM paint, it’s incredibly easy to use and will cover up any chips and scratches in a matter of minutes! Check out this video for how easy it is!

Choose between the Standard, Road Rash & Squirt ‘n Squeegee Kit depending on your needs!

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