It’s that time of the year again…

It’s the 1st of October, putting the heating on is finally acceptable, it’s time to get your thick coats back out and stock up on de-icer. Keeping comfortable in Autumn is fine; unless you’re a car. It’s getting colder, darker & wetter and chances are, it’s stuck outside.

As the temperature drops and winter is on the horizon, looking after your car paint can be simple! Here are 3 quick ways to keep your car looking in that tip-top summer shine!

#1 Keeping your car clean!

Washing your car on a regular basis helps remove any surface salt, grit or dirt from eating away at your car paint; ideally every week or two will prevent any long-term damage! If left, rust and debris can build up and cause damage!

Clean Car#2 Waxing!

To protect your paintwork, we recommend waxing your car before it gets any colder. Waxing provides a shiny finish to your paintwork, both offering a layer of protection along with that new car shine!

Our XPERT-60 products offer a range of wax’s & washes to keep your car in top condition!

#3 Fixing any chips!

Covering any chips & scratches before winter approaches and truly settles in is vital to keeping your vehicle looking pristine. If water gets under any chips, it will freeze, potentially making the chip larger and making the paint around it bubble up. Before you know it, you’ve got a £400 bill from a body shop. The key with chips is to identify and repair them as soon as you see them, especially in these colder months! With our paint, you’ll get a guaranteed exact 100% OEM match!

With over 20 years of automobile experience, Dr. ColourChip’s paint repair kits are the market leaders. Offering high-quality repairs to chips and scratches on any vehicle! Click here to see our range of kits – we can match any colour for any car!

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