That’s right, we said boats!

As you may know Dr.ColourChip kits are famous for being the #1 touch up car paint that is loved by many thousands of happy customers, but I bet you didn’t know we also do boat touch ups as well?

We say we can do Cars, Bikes and even Boats, and we mean it!

Cars and Boats are very similar in regard to their outer shell and body of the vehicle being developed from the same materials and using the same paints. Although they are similar, they do travel on different surfaces and face different elements but can suffer from the same problems; wear and tear from bumps, scratches and weather!

The damage a boat would be impacted by in the water is comparable to those of a car on the road such as road rash and rusting. Some of those tiny scuffs caused by landing a ship or a loose bit of floating debris may develop rust which normally wouldn’t be to much of a problem. However, sea salt can have adverse effects on the body of a boat as it hosts the perfect mixture of moisture and salt which can act as a catalyst for the growth of rust.

Rust bucket? No thanks! 

A boat covered heavy with rust and not very well kept, may be ok for an old hauler or fishing boat but do you want to head on to the water at the weekend looking like your about to be on the next episode of “Biggest Catch” or something even Jaws would turn his nose up at? Certainly not.

How it can be avoided?

That’s where our Dr. Colour Chips Squirt n’ Squeegee kit comes in, providing the perfect fix for your boats paint chips – an effective paint solution that will stay in the affected area without any blobs or blisters, meaning lasting protection after the treatment is performed. This will stop the rust spreading and growing, keeping the molecular structure of the boat strong, sturdy and most importantly looking good.

We like to make sure that no matter if you’re travelling by road in your car, mountain pass on your bike or sailing through the sea with your boat, that your mode of transport looks its best!

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(P.S boat not needed)